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We are proud designers and creators of customized ladies hats

Quality is our guarantee

We supply many stores around SA

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Our hatblocks are made of fibreglass.

Use cable-ties or elastic to secure fabric to your blocks.

Our blocks are multi-usable.  i.e XL can also create small and medium brims.

Let your creativity run free!


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Please remember you are not buying a decoration for your home.  This is a hat mould to HELP you create a masterpiece.  They may have slight imperfections as it is handmade (we are not machines)

Our fibreglass may not have the same colour as in the pics advertised as products on the market change constantly and we use the fibreglass that is available at the time of purchase.

You wil receive the shape to use.   The lids are not worked-off, they are coarse to help with grip-issues. 

Most of the times I use elastic to assist with intriguing forms instead of the lids.

I've been making hats for nearly 40 years and I'm using these moulds myself.  I will not sell you something that was not tested by me first.

Some pieces are for more advanced users, but you can ask for help and I will assist with "how-to"